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The Rad Series 2.0 is next evolution of The Rad Series movement - now equipped with a detailed glossary of step-by-step instructions for EVERY exercise you’ll encounter over the next 14 weeks - gym equipment still not necessary - penchant for 80s nostalgia helpful...




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The Rad Series 2.0 is next evolution of The Rad Series movement - now equipped with a detailed glossary of step-by-step instructions for EVERY exercise you’ll encounter over the next 14 weeks - gym equipment still not necessary - penchant for 80s nostalgia helpful...


  1. Tiffany

    I LOVE these workouts!!! They are fast, effective, and can be done ANYWHERE… I travel a lot, but I can get these done in my hotel room! I think my favorite part is that I feel a lot stronger/more in shape, and my legs/belly are less jiggly! HECK YES!!!

  2. Hayley Paige

    Being Conrad’s fiance, I’m obviously a bit bias … BUT I’ve been consistently doing his Rad Series eBook for the past 6 months, and I FULLY believe in it’s effectiveness. I LOVE that you can do the program LITERALLY anywhere (Hotel Room Workouts for the WIN!!!) and I always feel both a cardiovascular and strength benefit. I love that it gives me a feeling lightness and physically stimulation… PLUS IT’S A FAST WORKOUT so it doesn’t feel like I’m committing to this long-drawn-out-complicated time sucker.

  3. Melissa

    I have been needing a literal kick in the butt when it comes to fitness for so long, and this program is exactly what I needed. I work a lot so if I get to be home, I want to be around my kids. This series is easy to follow for a total workout beginner like me and I can literally do it in the family room while my kids are playing around me. Programs I have paid for in the past have made me feel like you have to have abs like Conrad’s in order to do it well, but this one has felt very natural as the weeks go by. I definitely recommend it for busy people who just want to look and feel better!!

  4. Sami

    The RAD series is my favorite mostly because I don’t have to plan anything to get in a good sweat. Just find an empty space at gym or living room and follow along with the book! I’m a big fan of check list, so I can just check off when each day is done! Cannot wait to see the full 14 week results.

  5. Bianca

    LOVED this challenge! The 3-days a week was perfect for my work schedule and the workout intensity was just right! This routine finally got my stubborn shoulder muscles to start coming out. Thank you Conrad for adding value to my workout regime and keeping me fit!

  6. Matt S.

    Fast effective! Been super helpful guidance while stuck in my apt during the quarantine.

  7. Chris Greiner

    Bro! Great workout guide it really changed my life. This is great for anyone from baby arm’s to swoll body it has it all. Get jacked it juicy for sure totally recommend and would buy again! Thanks!!

  8. The Shark

    HIGHLY recommend! I’ve never found an at-home workout that I enjoyed until this one…and you start seeing results so fast. A great value – I couldn’t be happier!

  9. Luke

    Fantastic workouts! highly recommend. Helping me get through the quarantine with at home workouts

  10. Anton Martynov

    I don’t wright reviews much often. But this is cool. I decided to try something different for me as a guy who only does heavy “classic” weight lifting workouts in the gym. I liked the change, instead of one muscle group pump I get a feeling of a full buddy workout. Who knew working out could be fun!

  11. Charles A Davis

    I know Conrad from social media and so I’m familiar with his work out routines. Conrad makes even the laziest person want to get up and get #physical with him. You get it? His effervescent personality and experience as a life coach makes him perfectly fit to offer the Rad series. In this social distancing and isolation, we need this. In the book all the routines are laid out in an easy to follow way. I’m also digging the pastel colors! So get this book or join the podcast and #getintothegroove.

  12. Craig

    such a Great workout that can be done anywhere, In this time of having to stay home it really makes keeping active easy.

  13. Lindsay S

    I started #theRADseries shortly after finding out I was pregnant, and was so grateful to find that as my ability to do certain activities changed (toe touches, burpees, etc.) it was easy to make adjustments to the workouts and still feel the burn. Conrad provides such clear and concise direction on a wide range of exercises throughout the program that if one thing doesn’t work for you, being flexible with the workouts and making alterations according to your ability is super simple. LOVE being able to do all of this at home, even in the tiny space we have available to us, and I am still using the program (almost) every day. I am betting that #theRADseries will help me get back into fighting shape postpartum too!

  14. Paul S.

    Cannot recommend highly enough! I’ve really enjoyed working #theRadSeries into my week to supplement some of the other workouts I do. The program is great because you can do it just about anywhere as it requires little space (one bedroom apts WAT, WAAT!!) and equipment. Although I would recommend following the program exactly as Conrad intended, you can also tailor the workouts to your individual needs. The best part is, after the first couple of weeks, I was already seeing/benefiting from the results (as a runner I could feel myself getting faster in my daily runs the farther I get in the program). Bottom line: this is a great workout series to keep you fit and ready for anything in these uncertain times.

  15. Mike McGrail

    I can’t recommend enough of how much I love Conrad’s Ebook. The excercise are easy to do at home and simple enough to understand that anyone can do them, due to the diagrams. You also see some of Conrad’s personality shine through the book as well. Read it and you just won’t understand why he’s not just a great trainer, but also an incredible person.

  16. tmolinari14 (verified owner)

    Between the quarantine 15 and no gym open anywhere, I was getting really down on myself and frustrated. A friend recommend this book for me and I was very skeptical. (I have a tiny studio apartment, no room for weights or equipment). Not even an hour after reading Conrad’s intro I was already pushing furniture away and had a new invigoration about fitness. Within a few days and I could already see the change. Right away you can see that Conrad is very positive but most of all professional. Showing the actual workouts and how easy it is to do. Definitely recommend checking out his Instagram to follow along for some of the workouts. (These things are broken down step by step, making it super easy). Can not say enough about how much this has changed my life. Thanks again Conrad!

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